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About Cognisys

Cognisys Inc. is a small private company with two passions: Photography and technology. Our mission is to provide affordable state-of-the-art equipment to enable photographers to capture images that differentiate them from the crowd. To Capture the Hidden World.

Our gear provides precision, flexibility, and repeatability in order to control the timing, and/ or movement of your camera. Whether a subject or event is too small, too fast, too elusive, too slow or just plain too dangerous - we have you covered. Not only are we photographers at Cognisys, but we are also engineers. Engineers who take pride in our products, so much so that we offer a two year warranty on everything we sell. So, check out the image galleries, testimonials, and our gear - then go out and Capture the Hidden World.

We pride ourselves in being innovative - since 2008 we have been working to solve problems photographers face. In that pursuit we have developed the first commercially available water drop kit - StopShot. The first automated macro rail - StackShot. The first LIDAR based camera trigger - Sabre. And, the first fully wireless camera trapping system - Scout. We find and then solve problems photographers face everyday when trying to get that shot.

Our Background

Over 30 years designing electronics in the automotive/heavy duty diesel industry working with all the major OEM's, including Toyota, Nissan, Chrsler, John Deere and Caterpillar. From the ground-up schematic design, PCB layout, and software for- A variety of embedded systems - from 2K - 128 MB
- Bluetooth-enabled hands-free voice recognition systems
- Wireless transceivers
- Compass/Temperature vehicle interface modules
- 10-100 Amp Brushless DC (BLDC) three phase motor controllers, 9-1000V
- Simple to complex system controllers... and many others..