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Camera Trapping

Everything you need for a complete DSLR camera trap

Camera Traps have 3 basic components - sensors, a camera, and lighting. The Scout System has you covered for all three. We offer both passive and active sensors, a weatherproof Wi-Fi enabled camera enclosure with all of the inputs and outputs you will need to control all the components as well as all of the cables and accessories to get your flashes and lights connected to the system. The Scout Camera Trapping gear was designed for both stills and video.

1. Choose a sensor technology

Either of these sensors can be used to fire a camera directly or they can be used with the Scout Camera Box. If you do choose to use the Scout Camera Box to house your camera both of the Scout Sensors are equipped with wireless to communicate with the Scout Camera Box. No cables are required between the Sensor and the Camera Box. Click the images for more details on each sensor technology.

2. Customize your camera Box


- Power Source: Li-Ion or AA Batteries
- Camera Mount: Foam or Quick Release mount
- Lens Tube Length: 3 Lens Tube Options


Power your camrea with external batteries
Dummy Batteries
Bracktes and other mounting accesories
Mounting Options
Batteries and power cables
Power Solutions

3. Light your Subject

All Camera Trapping Products

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  1. Scout Trail Monitor
    Scout Trail Monitor

    As low as $439.00

  2. Scout Camera Box
    Scout Camera Box

    As low as $569.00

  3. Scout Camera Box XLLT

    As low as $699.00

  4. Scout Mini Camera Box

    As low as $499.00

  5. Scout Flash
    Scout Flash

    As low as $499.00

  6. Scout LED
    Scout LED

    As low as $459.00

  7. Scout IR LED

    As low as $489.00

  8. Scout PIR Sensor

    As low as $319.00

  9. Camera Box to Flash Cables

    Starting at $12.99

  10. Camera Box Mounting Accessories
  11. Camera Box Power Solutions
  12. Scout Repeater

    As low as $219.00

  13. Scout Dummy Battery

    Starting at $39.00

  14. Scout Aux Lighting Box

    As low as $169.00

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Items 1-18 of 40

Set Descending Direction