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Arca Clamp Adapter Plate

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The Arca Adapter Plate replaces the stock StackShot Camera Mounting plate with an adapter that will allow you to attach your Arca compatible clamp to StackShot. In addition to giving you a more secure method to mount your camera it also keeps the center of gravity of the system much lower. The adapter plate has bolt holes for 3/8-16, and 1/4-20 flat socket head bolts. It also has 10-24 threaded holes so your clamp can be mounted from the top in either orientation.

The Arca Clamp Mount includes the following:
1 - Adapter Plate
2 - 1/4-20 x 1/2 Flathead Hex Bolts
2 - 10-24 x 5/8 Flathead Hex Bolts
1 - 3/8 x 16 x 1/2 Flathead Hex Bolts
4 - Allen keys

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Arca Clamp Adapter Plate

The Arca Adapter Plate is used to provide a low profile, secure method to mount an Arca Clamp to StackShot. If you have already have a quick release plate on your camera then using the Arca adapter plate and a clamp on the StackShot rail makes it extremely fast and easy to add and remove the StackShot rail from your tripod stack. The animated picture below shows how the system fits together. All of the bolts and Allen keys required to attach the adapter plate to StackShot and to attach the quick release clamp to the adapter plate are included. We also manufacture a Quick Release Clamp for use with the Arca Adapter Plate. It is also compatible with third party clamps by suppliers like Wimberley or Really Right Stuff

The adapter plate has many different mounting options to make it compatible with many of the Arca compatible clamps on the market. You can download the bolt pattern for the adapter plate here. For many Arca Clamps it is possible to mount the clamp from the top of the adapter plate, the adapter plate also allows for rotating the clamp this allows the camera to be mounted by either the lens foot or the base of the camera.

The dovetail machined into the base of StackShot is designed so you can use the Arca Clamp that is mounted on your tripod to hold StackShot without having to purchase another quick release plate.

A drawing of the bolt pattern can be found here: Acra Mount Drawing

StackShot with Arca Adapter Plate
Arca Adapter Plate Animated GIF
Animation courtesy of Alexander Zubrickij

Mounting Your Camera to StackShot with an Arca Clamp

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Arca Adapter Plate with Different Clamp Options

Top View of RRS B2 PRO L RRS B2 PRO L

Pictured left is a Wimberley C-12 Quick release clamp attached to the Arca Adapter Plate in both orientations.

Top View of RRS B2 PRO L RRS B2 PRO L

Pictured left is a Really Right Stuff B2 Pro L Quick release clamp attached to the Arca Adapter Plate with multiple screws from the bottom of the plate.

Top View of RRS B2 PRO L RRS B2 PRO L

The Arca Adapter Plate also features several 10-24 threaded holes in the top to allow the clamps to be mounted from the top. This feature allows you to change the orientation without removing the adapter plate from the rail.

RRS B2 Clamp Novoflex Clamp

Show Left is the Really Right Stuff B2 Pro and Novoflex attached to the Arca Adapter Plate. Note: The B2 Pro cannot be turned 90 degrees and have two bolts installed.
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