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Laser Beam Sensor

Laser Beam Sensor

This Laser beam sensor for StopShot contains both a Laser transmitter and the beam receiver. It can be used to capture anything that moves between the elements. It works well in bright sunlight and for long distance triggering (>10m). Not recommended for water drops.

The laser transmitter has a lens element that can focus the beam for different triggering distances and beam widths. This feature allow for triggering on extremely small subjects - like fruit flies.

This sensor set includes the following:

  • Beam Receiver
  • Laser Transmitter
  • Laser Diffuser/Filter - Installed on Receiver
  • Tripod Mounts (2)
  • 3.5mm 2m Cable
  • 2.5mm 2m Cable

Cables included but not shown.  Requires the StopShot controller.

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Laser Beam Sensor Accessories:

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