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Mariotte Siphon

Mariotte Siphon

This is the same Mariotte Siphon supplied with our water drop photography kit. The Mariotte Siphon keeps the pressure on the water valve constant regardless of the level of fluid in the vessel (as long as the tube from the top is covered with liquid). This keeps the drops as consistent as possible from shot to shot. This Mariotte siphon has a removable rubber stopper in the top for easy filling. It is made from clear schedule 40 PVC so you can see the level of the fluid. The connection to the water valve is 1/4" FIP.

The Siphon will mate up with our water valve, WV02 (either stand alone or in the water valve assembly) or it can be connected to our Siphon Extension Kit

The siphon is about 12" tall and is constructed from clear PVC Pipe that is 1" in diameter.

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