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StackShot Stepper Motor

StackShot Motor

This NEMA 17 Stepper motor is the same motor we use on StackShot. The motor is offered separately to allow you to harness the automatic features of the StackShot or StackShot 3X controller with a different macro rail or a microscope. StackShot can be configured to change the distance scales so you can keep the displayed distances accurate.

See how one of our customers outfitted his Microscope with this stepper motor here.

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StackShot Locking Motor Connector

StackShot Motor Connector

Due to the large number of customers we have using StackShot out in the field we have decided to upgrade the StackShot motor connector to a dust-proof locking style connector. This connector will take a lot more abuse in the field without becoming disconnected. The cable for the new connector is also much more flexible resulting in less unwanted disconnections.

Shown below is a comparison between the new 4-Pin locking connector and the old 4-pin mini DIN connector.

Connector Comparison

StackShot Rail with Locking Connector
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