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Scout Repeater

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The repeater can be used to extend the range of your sensors to the Camera Box.

What's Included:
- Scout Repeater

If you already have one of our Li-Ion battery chargers you can just choose the stand-alone battery. If you don't, be sure to choose the battery kit with a charger.

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Scout Repeater

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Scout Repeater

Use the Scout Repeater to get around obstacles between the Scout Sensors and the Scout Camera Box.

Some of our most enthusiastic customers for the Scout Camera Trapping system are natural history film-makers. When they set up a camera trapping system they go all out. A single "Camera Trap" could have several sensors and many cameras. Using many cameras allows them to create a seamless video scene of a subject from multiple camera angles. Multiple sensors are used to be able to trigger on the subject entering the scene from different directions. Often times when setting up elaborate camera traps like this they run into issues where a sensor needs to be behind a giant rock or tree to stay out of frame of all of the cameras. It is this scenario that led to the development of the Scout Repeater. The Scout Repeater will allow the Scout Camera Box to communicate with a Scout Sensor even if there is an obstruction or a long distance that would prevent normal RF communications between the sensor and camera box. Trees and rocks make great RF shields, the Scout Repeater helps get around them.

Scout Repeater Highlights
  • Fully weatherproof housing
  • Repeater Range - 100 ft.
  • Extends the range of Scout sensors for difficult terrain
  • Power with external lead acid battery for more capacity or back up power
  • Bi-directional communication with all sensors
  • Fully compatible with the Camera Box App
  • Perfect for difficult terrain that prevents wireless signals from reaching the Camera Box
  • Easy setup (Plug and Play)
  • Requires Camera Box software 1.0.05 or higher

Scout Repater Setup Diagram

Connecting the Scout Repeater
Connecting the Scout Repeater
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Repeater Dimensions - Including Mounting Flange (L x W x H) 118 mm x 118 mm x 60 mm

Electrical Specification Summary

Specifications MIN NOM MAX UNITS
Operating Temperature -40 25 105 C
Input Voltage 6 14.8 20 Vdc
Input Current No Load - 12Vdc in - 492 - uAdc
Input Current No Load - 16.8Vdc in - 374 - uAdc
Battery Life (5200 mAHr Battery) 200 days
Wireless Range - - 30 m

Owner's Manual

Scout Repeater Owner's Manual (PDF)

Repeater Accessories:

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