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Sony Video Switch (RM-VPR1)

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This cable will allow you to take both video recordings and still photos with your Sony camera using Sabre, Scout or StackShot 3X. This cable takes the shutter and half press signals from Sabre, Scout or StackShot 3X and converts them to the proper USB commands to start and stop video recording or take a still image. This cable allows you to use Cognisys products to trigger video and stills through Sony's proprietary remote connection.

This switch has 3 positions:

Stills - Use this switch position to take still images - each shutter activation from the camera trigger (Scout or Sabre) will take a single image. If the camera is in continuous drive mode the camera will continue to take images for as long as the shutter is asserted.
Off - This mode disconnects the camera trigger from the camera - use this for setting up and making configuration changes to the camera.
Video - This switch position will start video recording as soon as the shutter pulse is sent from the camera trigger. It will continue to record video until the shutter pulse ends. If you want to record a 30 second video set the Sabre or Scout pulse length to 30 seconds. If you are allowing your camera to sleep between videos (for improved camera battery life) you will want to make certain you assert the 1/2 press a few seconds ahead of time to allow the camera to wake up fully before sending the start video command.

Compatible with the following cameras:

Sony: A7, A7R, A7RII, A7RIII, A7S, A7SII, A7SIII, A9, A6000, A6300, A6500, FX-30

The cameras listed above are cameras we have verified, the cable is likely compatible with additional cameras that will be added as more test data becomes available.

Cable length is 3ft (1m) on the camera side and 3ft (1m) on the 3.5mm side. Total cable length is 2m.

For use with Cognisys products that use 3.5mm shutter cables - StackShot 3X, Scout Series Products and Sabre

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