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Water Valve Assembly


Includes our new and improved high precision water valve! This valve will give you unmatched precision control of water drops.

This water valve assembly is designed to be connected directly to our Mariotte Siphon and be controlled by StopShot. Use this valve with StopShot to create water drop collision photos.

The water valve assembly includes the water valve (with a brass nozzle), the power supply and the cable assembly required to connect it to StopShot.

The valve has a very fast response time, to create 1 drop the valve only needs to be open for about 10mS. Using StopShot and this valve it is very easy to create 2 or more drops with any delay between them. With StopShot you can also control the amount of time the valve is open so it is possible to create water drops of different sizes.

The water input connection is 1/4" male pipe threads.

This valve is powered by an 1000mA 12VDC power supply (included).

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