StackShot 3X Demonstration

StackShot 3X from Cognisys Inc. on Vimeo.

StackShot 3X Motion Control Overview

This video walks through the basics of setting up the StackShot 3X motion control of your camera. StackShot 3X allows full simultaneous 3-axis motion control using Bézier curves. Is it complicated to set up? Absolutely not! You can be shooting video and time-lapse movies in just a matter of seconds. From simple moves to five key frames per axis.

StackShot 3X Time-lapse Shoot Move Shoot

This video demonstrates the StackShot 3X shoot-move-shoot settings for 3-axis motion. Use this to create time lapse videos with motion! Also features the "Preview" option, which will allow you to check the framing of your time-lapse before committing to hours of shooting.

StackShot 3X Editing Key-Frames

In this video we show how to add, edit, and delete key-frames as well as jog the position with a simple touch of your finger. This jog feature is great for double-checking the framing at discrete points along your move.

StackShot 3X Motion Repeat

A short video demonstrating StackShot 3X motion repeat functions.