Using StopShot and a Microphone

Here is a great demo of using a microphone to detect a balloon popping. Not only can you use StopShot as a timing device, you also get to use a little physics as well. Note the look on Roy's face: Priceless.

Controlling Flashes with StopShot

In this video we show an example of StopShot controlling flashes. A microphone is used as the sensor. The main-screen delays are adjusted to visually show what adjusting the timing does in the "real world".

Use StopShot to Measure Your Camera's Shutter Lag

In this video we show you how to use StopShot and an IR receiver to measure shutter lag. Shutter lag is the time from when you press the shutter button to when the camera actually takes the image.

StopShot's Global Timing Modes

StopShot has several different global modes of operation. The two primary modes are "Independent" and "Sequential". That's nice, but what do they do? Here in this video you get a great demo of the differences between the two.

Unpacking the Infra-Red Cross Beam Sensor Set

Cross Beam Modes in StopShot

This video demonstrates the various cross-beam modes available in StopShot. It applies to both laser and IR cross-beams as well. The cross-beam sensors allow for single-beam, multi-beam, directional and logical triggering.

Infra-Red Cross Beam Kit - Ballistics

This video shows how to configure and optimize your infrared cross-beams for ballistics photography. A walk-through is shown for adjusting your StopShot settings and maximizing the sensitivity of the receivers.

StopShot Studio - Ballistics

Ballistics photography can be tricky. In this video we use StopShot Studio and walk through the basic setup including settings, adjustments, and ways to diagnose your flash not triggering.

StopShot Power Disable

StopShot has the unique ability to turn off the power to its sensors. Cool! Why would I want to do that? Let's say you are using laser sensors and want to keep the laser dot out of your photographs. Voila! With power disable the laser is turned off prior to firing your camera. StopShot once again demonstrating its flexibility.

StopShot Water Drop Photography Kit
StopShot Water Drop Photography Kit

StopShot Studio 3 Valve Water Drop Kit
StopShot Studio 3 Valve Water Drop Kit