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Panasonic GH5 Interface Base


The Panasonic Interface Base provides easy access to the full and 1/2 press pins on the base of the camera.  Thsee pins are usually accessed by the battery grip, but this base gives you access to the pins for external triggering of the GH5.  This base allows the Lumix GH5 to easily be used in the Scout Camera Box. You can find the settings that should be used in the Scout Camera Controller with the GH5 in our Using Lumix Cameras in the Scout Camera Box how to page.

What's Included

- Dovetailed Interface Base with 2.5mm connector
- 2.5mm to 3.5mm Coiled Cable for connecting Base to Scout Camera Box


Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5

Works with the Sabre, Scout Camera Box, Scout PIR, and the Scout Beam Sensor.

Why do I need to use this base if I want to use the GH5 in a camera trap?

The GH5 cannot be woken up from the remote shutter port. This makes camera trapping with this camera less than ideal as the power needs to be switched on and off from the Scout Camera Box. While this method works ok it means the camera has to boot up from scratch for each shot making the response time unacceptabaly long. Using this base allows the camera to be woken from sleep mode making the booth up time much faster. Lumix has added the wake-up from remote shutter cable to the GH5 MarkII so for this camera you can use the standard Panasonic Shutter Interface Cable.

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