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Laser Cross Beam Sensor Set


This sensor offers the ultimate flexibility in triggering options. It will allow you to get pinpoint positional accuracy for triggering StopShot. It is configurable to trigger on one or both beams being broken. It can also be configured to trigger when one beam is broken before the other allowing directional triggering. It includes a bi-colored LED to indicate when the sensor is properly aligned. This sensor works great for birds and wildlife. This kit includes the following:

  • Laser Transmitters (2)
  • Master Receiver
  • Slave Receiver
  • Diffusers for Receivers (2) - Attached to Receivers
  • 2.5mm Male to Male Cable (2) for Transmitter Power
  • 3.5mm Male to Male Cable (2) for Receiver Sensor
  • Tripod Mounts (4)

See the StopShot owner's manual for more details.

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