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Scout Aux Lighting Box

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This box has a wireless interface to the Scout Camera Box and will remotely power up video lights or other 12V loads. It holds a 5200 mAHr Li-Ion Battery (and will supply 12V - 16.8V to your lights). You can also use your own external 12V power source with the "Scout External Power Cable". Connect it to a video light with two wires and build a video camera trap with remotely powered lights.

What's Included:
- Scout Aux Box
- 0.5 m (3ft) Load Cable - 2 Pin Sealed Locking Connector to Wires
- (2) - Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC)

If you already have one of our Li-Ion battery chargers you can just choose the stand-alone battery. If you don't be sure to choose the kit so you can recharge your battery.

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Scout Aux Lighting Box

In stock


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Scout Aux Lighting Box Features
  • Fully weatherproof housing
  • Wireless triggering from the Scout Camera Box.
  • Up to 5A Load - at 25C
  • Power with external lead acid battery for more capacity or back up power
  • Multiple Aux boxes can be used in each setup - run the same program or up to to 3 different programs
  • Easy 2 wire interface to load - IR or Standard LEDs
  • Allows complex wireless triggering options (for example):

- PIR #1 activates lighting bank on the left
- PIR #2 activates lighting bank on the right
- Receiver #1 starts video recording
- Receiver #2 takes several still photographs

Scout Aux Box Details

The Scout Aux Box gives camera trappers interested in creating video an easy way to power lights in the field. The Scout Aux Box uses a 5200 mAHr battery to turn on light or other load as commanded by the Scout Camera Box. It can also be powered with an external lead acid battery. The Aux Box is completely weatherproof just like the rest of the Scout products.

You can use more than one Aux Box in a setup if needed. The internal selector switch on the Aux Box tells it which Scout Camera Box auxiliary output configuration to use. If you have all of the Aux Boxes set to 1 they will all turn on and off simultaneously. If you have some set to position 1 and others at position 2 each of the Aux Boxes with the switch in position 1 will follow the configuration from Aux 1 in the camera box, while the Aux Boxes with the switch in position 2 will all follow the configuration from Aux 2 in the camera box. This allows complex lighting and triggering configurations.


Connecting the Scout Aux Box
Connecting the Scout Aux Box
Connecting Multiple Loads
Connecting the Scout Aux Box to Multiple Loads
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Aux Box Dimensions - Including Mounting Flange (L x W x H) 118 mm x 118 mm x 60 mm

Electrical Specification Summary

Specifications MIN NOM MAX UNITS
Operating Temperature -40 25 105 C
Input Voltage 6 14.8 20 Vdc
Input Current No Load - 12Vdc in - 492 - uAdc
Input Current No Load - 16.8Vdc in - 374 - uAdc
Aux Output Current - - 5 Adc
Battery Life (5200 mAHr Battery) 200 days
Wireless Range - - 30 m
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