StackShot 3X - Multi Axis Stacking - Stack-Rotate-Stack

Popcorn object courtesy of Linden Gledhill


The images for this popcorn animation were collected by the StackShot 3X using the Stack-Rotate-Stack mode. In addition to manipulating the popcorn with the buttons below the image you can also use the mouse to rotate the popcorn to any viewing angle you like. Not only are singe row views possible but you can also do multiple rows at different angles. The popcorn was mounted on the Rotary Table and a stack of images was captured every 15 degrees. The images are then played back to create a virtual object like you see above. There is a complete step by step guide for capturing virtual objects here. You can then manipulate the object to inspect any side. This is perfect for product photography or academic work. Imagine the possibilities for cataloging small objects with high depth of field from any angle. We offer a convenient kit that includes all of the hardware required for this type of work, you can find it here.

StackShot 3X Virtual Object Platform

The above image shows one configuration (of many) that can be used to create virtual objects with StackShot 3X. This platform is built on a Really Right Stuff TP-243 Ground level tripod. It also has a manual Z axis height adjustment. In this configuration the turntable is mounted on the top of a StackShot rail (as opposed to having the camera mounted on the rail). The advantage of this setup is it provides a portable platform for imaging small subjects, especially insects. We do stock all of the parts required to build this platform but it is not yet available in our web store. Please contact us for pricing details. The controller, rotary table and macro rail, or the StackShot 3X Virtual Object Kit can be found in our store.



Helper Screen Shot
StackShot 3X has a built in mode for capturing subjects like this. Once you have chosen the Stack-Rotate 2-axis mode, simply tell StackShot 3X where the start and stop points are for the linear stack, then enter the number of steps and how many degrees you want between each step. For the popcorn images above this was 23 Steps at 15 degrees each. Hit start and then StackShot 3X will work its way around your subject creating a stack at each rotation step. The system is fully configurable so you can scan any angle of view of your subject you wish.

What else can StackShot 3X do?

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