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StackShot 3X Pan-Tilt Field Kit

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The Pan / Tilt Field Kit includes everything you will need to take your StackShot 3X controller and Pan / Tilt System into the field.

What's Included:
1 x StackShot 3X Controller
2 x Cognisys Rotary Tables
2 x 0.25m - Locking Motor Cables (not shown)
1 x 2A AC adapter
1 x Pan Tilt Bracket set (including hardware and Allen keys)
2 x Neoprene Bags for Rotary Tables
1 x Li-Ion Battery Kit - 5200mAHr Version
1 x Controller Carrier Kit

The Controller Carrier Kit can be attached to the tilt upright but is shown attached to a Wimberley P-20 Arca Plate mounted to the bottom of the rotary table. Arca Plates, Clamps, and Tripod shown in images not included.


StackShot 3X - Focus Stacking and so much more.

StackShot 3X and Pan Tilt Setup
One Controller - Many Applications

Why purchase a Giga-pixel scanner, an automated turntable, and a panoramic head for time lapse separately when you can purchase a StackShot 3X system and use the same components to achieve all of this. StackShot 3X is a modular system with incredible flexibility. It is the next generation StackShot controller featuring 2 additional stepper motor controllers to allow complete 3 axis motion control. It is equipped with a touch screen user interface with haptic feedback making number entry quick and easy. You will also find USB and Wi-Fi on the StackShot 3X to allow control with your computer. If you are interested in the differences between this controller and the original StackShot visit our comparison page. So what applications are possible with this 3 axis controller?

Controller Highlights
  • USB port for computer control and updating firmware
  • Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n) enabled for wireless connectivity to your computer or our remote
  • Controls one or two Rotary Tables, the StackShot 3X Slider, and/or the StackShot Macro Rails
  • Capacitive touch screen full color display with haptic feedback for easy control
  • All timing parameters for motion and shutter control are completely user configurable
  • Durable extruded aluminum housing
  • Adjustable motor torque - turn down the torque to save battery life or run small stepper motors
  • LCD Power Save - perfect for nighttime photography, or just to save on battery life
  • Dedicated modes for stacking, panoramas, shoot-move-shoot, and continuous motion control
  • Configurable settle time in between captures
  • Capture multiple photos at each step (exposure bracketing or mirror lockup)
  • Preview options to examine your framing and setup
  • Optional battery power for field shooting, operates at 12-24VDC
  • User presets - Save your different setups and recall them as needed
  • Change the lighting or exposure and run your last stack or motion profile with a single button press
  • Dragon Frame compatible
  • Helicon Focus and Zerene Stacker compatible (X-axis only)
  • Compatible with existing StopShot/StackShot shutter cables or any shutter cable equipped with a 3.5 mm plug

StackShot 3X
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Specifications MIN NOM MAX UNITS
Input Voltage 12 12 24 Vdc
Input Current (12Vdc in) - 150 6000 mAdc
Input Current–Power-saving modes active - 50 - mAdc
Shutter Output Current Sink - - 1 Adc
Operating Temperature -20 25 70 C
-4 77 158 F

StackShot 3X Resources

Owner's Manual

Owner's Manual (PDF) 

Firmware Updates

StackShot 3X Firmware Updates (ZIP) StackShot 3X Firmware Release Notes (PDF)

3X Computer App

StackShot 3X App Downlaod (Mac) StackShot 3X App Downlaod (PC)

Computer App Notes

The StackShot 3X application is written in Java, and you will need to make certain you have Oracle's Java installed. The StackShot 3X Application will let you know if you need to update your version of Java. You can find the latest version here:

How To

Pan/Tilt Field Kit Accessories: